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NAFA Capital partners with Creativeland Asia to build Rs 250 cr Ventureland Fund

Nafa Capital, an asset management firm based out of Mumbai, and Creativeland Asia, an independent marketing and communications company, have come together in a joint venture. The two entities will build an INR 250 crore Ventureland Fund that will focus its investments on early-stage brands & businesses that have achieved a product-market fit and are ready for a substantial marketing investment to drive growth through customer acquisition.

Creativeland Asia - NAFA

The fund will focus its investments on disruptive consumer-first brands that realise that consistent strategic marketing, combined with a winning product, will help build the brand itself as a long-term moat and deliver consumer preference.

Ameya Prabhu and Sajan Raj Kurup, together as the two sponsors, will bring their combined strengths in building businesses and creating successful brands. Ameya’s prowess in investing the financial and capital markets and Sajan’s entrepreneurial experience in building brands as a marketing partner will bring a unique coming together of invaluable expertise and depth in the venture.

Both the sponsors have invested and partnered with outstanding entrepreneurs to build category-defining businesses.

While Ameya has been an early investor in Kapiva that provides modern nutrition powered by ayurvedic wisdom and IFFCO Kisan Finance that provides financing to farmers; Sajan Raj Kurup has successfully invested and shaped Revenant eSports, one of India’s fastest-growing eSports companies, Saintfarm Agro – the one-stop e-commerce shop for 100% certified organic groceries, and Rolling Stone India – the home for music and pop culture.

The Ventureland Fund has started investing with three consumer brands in the portfolio. Native Milk, a modern farm-to-home dairy products brand; Spice Story, a convenient take on ethnic spices and chutneys; and Macmerise, a youth-focused audio gear retail & gadget personalisation brand.

Ameya Prabhu, Managing Director of NAFA Capital, said, “Our partnership with CreativeLand Asia is a part of our continued effort to be a multi-product capital provider to the Indian market expanding on our current offerings. India has phenomenal entrepreneurs in all parts of the country, and the fund aspires to identify and supercharge these entrepreneurs with capital, market access and proven marketing expertise. I am certain that this partnership will be an extremely successful and fulfilling one.”

Chairman and Founder of Creativeland Asia, Sajan Raj Kurup, said “I sincerely look forward to the capital marketing expertise NAFA brings to this partnership. I have a humble belief that when creative marketing, capital and entrepreneurial energy come together, there couldn’t be a more meaningful and purposeful start for a brand. Capital brings more clarity to creativity and vice versa. I am looking forward to some impactful stories and enterprising companies that we can create from India.”


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