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M&C Saatchi Indonesia rolls out third edition of its Ramdan white paper ‘From Belief to Action’

For the third year running, the M&C Saatchi Indonesia team explores the roots of the country’s most significant period of consumption and celebration. After two years of observing Ramadan under lockdown, the people of Indonesia are ready to pray, socialize, travel and shop without restriction. In the meantime, their wholehearted embrace of technology has redefined social interaction, commerce, entertainment and travel – the pillars of Ramadan’s commercial opportunity. These are the findings of new M&C Saatchi Indonesia research.

M&C Saatchi Indonesia released third edition of its Ramadan White Paper ‘From Belief to Action’

Anish Daryani, Founder & President Director, M&C Saatchi Indonesia, said: “This year, we combined primary research covering a sample size of 1,200 consumers, fifteen depth interviews with industry experts and content creators, and loads of secondary research to arrive at sharp insights for Ramadan in 2022. Our key insight from the study – that consumers are ready to “Take Charge” and resume control of their lives – should aid many businesses in understanding how and where they can fit into their consumers’ lives through Ramadan 2022, and beyond.”

“Indonesia’s consumer optimism is driven by several factors. Proactive government policies have spurred sustainable macro-economic recovery and robust social welfare provisions have stimulated purchasing power.”

Daryani said Omicron was quickly brought under control well before Ramadan and borders are expected to open up by April. Rapid vaccination coverage has added to people feeling secure: to travel in the immediate term, and to spend after a long period of being careful. Accelerated tech adoption has created new forms of inspiration, expression and expenditure.

The 45-page report is based on a quantitative consumer survey across cities, marketer interviews and an analysis of successful Ramadan campaigns in past years. It advises brand custodians on how to ride on the wave of confidence, enable consumers to take charge and leverage social and content platforms, online payment, e-sports, influencers and above all be relevant to culture through storytelling.

The report provides tips to content creators and marketers to redefine passion points – particularly Ramadan traditions such as gifting, socializing, breaking fast, and travelling home (mudik) even as a new consciousness around health and fitness, and the relentless embrace of e-commerce create opportunities for innovation.


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