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‘Lets celebrate women’s beauty & empowerment’, says Parcos Beauty

Indian luxury beauty retail brand Parcos has put together a unique campaign to celebrate women’s beauty and empower women to determine their own choices this  International Women’s Day. The segment showcases brands from top Groups such as Shiseido, L’Oréal, Puig, Coty, Interparfums & many others. The film features three women redefining the concept of self-acceptance and reclaiming their power of self-love.

The #ImEnough film features three women redefining the concept of self-acceptance and reclaiming their power of self-love. The campaign or the film soon to be popularized on social media will have a strong digital and brand amplification across all platforms, strongly encouraging the online community to post greyscale images with the hashtag #IAmEnough and thus stand in solidarity with each other building and establishing a larger community of self-love bereft of what others say.

The film also insists on leaving regressive approaches behind and building an amazing life based on realistic, judgment-free thoughts. This year United Nations is observing International Women’s Day under the theme of #BreakTheBias that breaks the cliché of society’s point of view on how women should look or carry themselves. The spotlight is on women who want to re-write their stories their way, keeping self-acceptance and self-love at the center, making a strong statement #ImEnough.

The essence of the film – Throughout history, women have always been asked to function according to other people’s expectations, agendas and standards – whether it is men or even other women; their parents, families, friends and of course, society at large. They’re constantly told how they should look, speak, behave and essentially carry themselves in this world.

This creates a lot of unnecessary self-doubt, fear, and a lack of confidence, as it never allows you to be honest to your truest self. And you end up essentially existing for the service of other people’s happiness. At Parcos, women are encouraged to push against and break this systemic, deeply problematic and archaic reality and narrative.

Gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful and sustainable world. To end all forms of discrimination against all women, celebrating women’s achievements, while calling out inequality, is a crucial step towards achieving equality, which is a fundamental right. 

Villoo Daji, SVP, Group Marketing Head, Baccarose Perfume and Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd., having successfully strategized the launch of the e-commerce leg and having launched the 1st of it’s kind, Parcos Beauty Influencer Awards 2022, clearly believes in spearheading beauty, luxury, and fragrance products induced by a diversity of culture and gender at Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt Limited.

Daji said, “Parcos has pioneered and grown both beauty and luxury in India through their 46 stores. With today’s modern women redefining themselves and adopting self-love easily, at Parcos we believe we are an extension of the way our consumers connect with our stores. Redefining trends and with this year’s #breakbias concept on International Women’s Day, we at Parcos with our great assortment of beauty, fragrances and other luxury products truly echo the thought, feelings, and sentiments of women across the country.”


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