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Juice Cosmetics revamps itself

In an attempt of connecting with the new generation of Indian women who are fearless, Juice, a cosmetics player having a successful presence in North India, has recently rebranded its identity.

Speaking about the rebranding, Jitendra Kamra, MD, Juice Cosmetics, said, “We are a decade old brand and people have always loved our product. They often discuss the colours, textures and quality of these products. However, we also wanted them to have an emotional connection with the brand.”

He said although the entire ethos of the brand is to create ‘clean’ products that are high in quality, they wanted to appeal emotionally as well and this is what pushed them to go for the rebranding.

“There are some interesting things that are happening in alignment with our growth plan, we thought this rebranding is going to take us to the next level,” he added.

The rebranding exercise has been carried out by Venacava Designs. Speaking about the exercise, Manoj Deb, Founder & Specialist Branding, Strategy & Design at Venacava Designs, stated, “The brief was to give it a new refreshed look that can stand for the modern market and modern India. The way we created the whole brand is all about modern Indian women who are actually defining the world today, in all kinds of professions. They are shaping their life the way they want to, and are shining in their own way.”

Asked how will the brand’s identity stand out in a highly competitive space he said the new tagline, ‘Makes you shine’ determines what the women of today do. He further spoke about the colour scheme of the identity that is not pink but burgundy. “Burgundy is more mature than pink, thus reflecting the brand is for the new matured women. That is where we want to place ourselves,” he explained.

Speaking about the logo, he said, “The different cuts of diamonds depict the modern Indian woman who is multifaceted and shine brightly in a multitude of reflecting hues.”

The brand conducted extensive surveys from consumers on social media as a part of the research behind this, revealed Kamra. Deb also spoke extensively to the zonal heads of the brands to understand their perspective before taking the final call. 

The brand revealed the new identity at the recently concluded, Bombay Times Fashion Week in Mumbai where they held a nail art show along with The Nail Art School. Actor Shama Sikandar sported a nail design by Dipika Parihar using the brand’s products.

Upon being asked how will the new identity further be communicated, Kamra said they have an extensive integrated campaign in place for digital and social media and they will also be present on-ground.


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