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JK Cement highlights ‘A tale of true friendship’

‘Yeh Yaarana Pucca Hai’ is a digital social media campaign rolled out by JK Cement as a part of ‘Banaye Har Raah Aasaan’ initiative. The six-minute-long film, talks about a few school children and their bond of friendship among them. It depicts how these children put their efforts, despite not getting any financial support, to create a wheel-chair accessible ramp in the school for their state-level cyclist friend who met with an accident and would not be able to walk for the next few months and therefore is unable to attend school. The creative agency behind the creative campaign is Purple Focus.

Speaking about the idea behind the campaign, Rajnish Kapur, chief operating officer (Grey Business), JK Cement said, “The campaign ‘Banaye Har Raah Aasaan’ is a way to give back to society and our social media film, Yeh Yaarana Pucca Hai, talks about why it is important to take our thoughts and journey forward.”

Commenting on it, Pushp Raj Singh, president-marketing (Grey Business), JK Cement said, “Through this new social media campaign, we wanted to highlight how each one of us can make a difference and with all our forces combined, we can drive meaningful and lasting positive change. JK Cement has always believed in creating strong foundations and truly believes that the youth of the country is our future. Hence, with our commitment to strength, consistency, and durability, we are building an inclusive and better society for all.”


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