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Come Valentine’s Day and it’s time to put your best foot forward. And if it’s to do with romance, which it is, there’s nothing better than doing it a bit wackily, a shade raunchy, if you will, and most certainly sensually.

We bring to you a selection of some of the best digital campaigns released in February for Valentine’s Day.

Come hither… and watch on… with your date! 

1.Lady Chatterley’s Lover


Agency Network: The Romans/UK | Product/Brand: Eve Sleep | Category: House, garden | Published/Aired: February 2020 | Posted: February 14, 2020


Eve Sleep are dedicated to helping people get a good night’s sleep, and have researched the relaxing power of ASMR and other ways women relax before hitting bed.

2.Adore Me


Agency Network: Tank/USA | Product/Brand: Here For It | Category: Fashion | Published/Aired: January 2020 | Posted: January 18, 2020


Advertising Agency: Tank NY, USA | Production Agency: Tank New York | VP, Executive Producer: Katy Hill | Director of Photography: Thomas Simon | Executive Producer: Michael Sapienza | Line Producer: Louis Simonelli | Producer: Kyle Davis | Audio Engineer: Dante DeSole | Creative Consultants: Asan Aslam, Cara Cecchini, Katherine O’Brien, Jackie Blaze, Mia Rafowitz, Brian Lai, Audrey Choe | Editor: Joshua Berger / Cosmo Street | Senior Producer: Paolo Solarte / Cosmo Street | Colorist: Sal Malfitano / Nice Shoes | Finishing: Switch FX | Flame Artist: Rob Meade | Senior Finishing Producer: Cara Flynn | Assistant Finishing Producer: Jake Weeks

3. Give A Shit


Agency Network: Ogilvy/Canada | Product/Brand: Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada | Category: Health, Public Interest, NGO | Published/Aired: February 2020 | Posted: February 11, 2020


The challenge was how to demonstrate the ultimate sign of affection by showing how much we care about the life of those around us? So in steps Give A Shit — a luxurious gift, urging your Valentines to get themselves screened for colorectal cancer. Screening for colorectal cancer does not necessarily involve a colonoscopy, a process that inhibits and scares off many people. Give A Shit seeks to inform people that the first step is a simple test that begins at home. Inside the gift box, your Valentine will discover this FIT test kit that can detect the presence of blood in the stool — a potential symptom of colorectal cancer. 


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Canada, Montreal, Canada | Production Company: Consulat | Post-production Company: Outpost | Music And Sound Design: Apollo Studios | Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Emond-Turcotte | Copywriter: Simon Blaquière | Art Director: Antoine Dasseville | Writing: Ayesha Lobo, Simon Blaquière | Graphic & Web | Design: Heather McDonnell, Mathilde Filippi | Account Service: Lyne Clermont, Catherine Villeneuve | Director: Mathieu Lévesque | Producer: Martine Goyette, Juliane LP | Photographers: Renaud Robert, Mathieu Lévesque | Set Design: Simon Rufiange, Martin Bissaillons | Director Of Photography: Jonathan Decoste | Editor: Jesse Rivière | Colorist: Ben Côté | Online And Post-production: Simon Allard | Sound Mixers: Donevan Adams, Pascal Desjardins

4. Move On


Agency Network: Superson/Indonesia | Product/Brand: Google | Category: Electronics, Technology | Published/Aired: February 2020 | Posted: February 2020

Description: Film ad for Google.

5. Close the pleasure gap

Agency Network: Havas/Canada | Product/Brand: JAMP Pharma Corporation | Category: Pharmaceutical | Published/Aired: February 2020 | Posted: February 2020


The challenge was to create a spot for Canada’s first treatment for female sexual arousal without facing censure or an official ban. Havas Montréal and client JAMP Pharma came together to create an online campaign for Zestra. Built around the idea of shrinking the ‘pleasure gap’, the spot showcased a way to talk about the female orgasm openly through food — a metaphor that everyone understands. “Zestra is set to be a revolution in women’s sexual health and we wanted to do it justice,” says Adriana Palanca, Creative Director, Havas Montréal. The campaign was launched just before Valentine’s Day.


Advertising Agency: Havas Montreal, Montreal, Canada | Account services: Léa Cardineau, Julie Brisebois | Executive Creative Director: Carle Coppens | Creative Director: Adriana Palanca | Art Director: Patrick Seymour | Copywriting: Caroline Joassin-Bruneau, Adriana Palanca, Carle Coppens | Media: Havas Media | Director: Amélie Hardy | Producer: Guillaume Arsenault / les enfants | Production Coordinator: Léonard Sarran | Director of Photography: Ariel Méthot | Art Director: Camille Barrantes | Post-production: Amélie Hardy, Luis Henrique Nunes Queszado | Colour correction: Victor Ghirazu / Chop Chop | Sound: François Del Fante / Réservoir Audio



And one from India, your editor liked in particular. Men watch… but with your Valentine… Should be particularly educative.

XYXX — a men’s innerwear brand, asked three women about what they would like to see in their men’s underwear. 


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