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IAS merges with Xandr to offer contextual capabilities to advertisers

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global market leader in digital ad verification which offers technologies that drive high-quality advertising media, has integrated with Xandr, the advertising and analytics division of WarnerMedia Commercial. The merger hopes to offer IAS’s contextual targeting and contextual avoidance capabilities across all programmatic buying. Available globally, advertisers using the Invest DSP can access IAS’s curated list of contextual segments to target suitable content and optimise their programmatic campaigns on a pre-bid basis.

Under the terms of the partnership, IAS will help programmatic buyers within Xandr’s Invest DSP precision to target content that is contextually relevant to their campaigns and avoid content that is unsuitable for their brand. This integration expands on IAS and Xandr’s existing relationship that includes “brand safety, fraud, and viewability controls”.

Talking about the partnership, Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Executive Officer, IAS, said, “Programmatic growth continues to surpass expectations, and by partnering with Xandr we’re helping more advertisers achieve even stronger results for their campaigns with the latest contextual tools. Context has never been more relevant for marketers in the current ad landscape, and now they have more control to ensure the most suitable contextual adjacencies for their campaigns directly within Xandr’s Invest DSP.”

Dylan McBride, Head of Global Partnerships, Xandr, said, “We see more marketers leaning into contextual targeting and avoidance today, which makes our expanded work with IAS all the more relevant. Our advertisers are looking for the transparency and controls to run their campaigns alongside trusted content, and that’s exactly what IAS provides.”


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