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“How sharp is your audience definition?” – Henry Moirang, Communications Strategist, LeapX

A practical issue that creative folks in Agencies face is getting a broad definition of a target audience in briefs. This stems from a common fear that most Marketers nurture, the fear of leaving someone out. And this mindset to include everyone strays to configure communications that fails to forge a deep brand consumer connection.

Brand-consumer-intimacy happens when the consumer is made to think ‘Hey these guys seem to know me. Yeah, this is how I feel.’ For that to happen, the target consumer must be vividly defined for the brand custodians.

Had Tata Tea defined the target audience as 21 to 45 + year old, tea-loving Indians, could we have seen the Jaago Re Campaign elevate to a revolution of sorts?

Similarly, Dove’s disruptive narrative connect with women across the world if the respective brand teams hadn’t sharply sketched out their target customer and her life?

Advertising is nothing but writing a letter to someone you want to woo. The more you know about this person’s likes, dislikes, fears, aspirations, and metastory, the higher your chances to forge a relationship. Communication stakeholders on both the sides of the table, seeking to create meaningful conversations and connection for their brand, must bring sketch their consumer target in more human terms.

Most iconic brands in all probability ensure they embed their consumer definition into their strategy framework post extensive consumer research, conducted by professional research firms

And in most of their campaigns, the consumer and his life story never fail to come brilliantly alive. Like these.


Tata Tea

In today’s world, the consumer deals with an overdose of brand messaging.  It only makes better sense for brand custodians to ensure they are having conversations that deeply resonate. And for that to happen, there needs to be sharply defined marketing target. This would help custodians of the brand – both Client and Agency to vividly understand who are they talking to.  

By Henry, Communications Specialist, LeapX


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