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Hope Trust for Mentally Challenged Appeals Donors to Fund New Home

Home Public Charitable Trust, Chennai, which runs homes for destitute mentally challenged children, men and women besides providing those with mental disabilities vocational training, has launched a campaign to help fund its under-construction vocational training centre and residential home for abandoned special children.

The project, spread over 10,000 square feet, was launched on 26 January 2020 but was soon hit by the lockdown and construction and funding came to a standstill. Construction resumed albeit slowly a few months later with a few donors coming forward. Over half the work on the building is now complete and the online campaign led by a film urges viewers to donate #1SFtOfHope at Rs.1,700 because #HopeNeedsANewHome. 

Talking about the project, Dr V Nagarani, Founding Trustee, Hope Public Charitable Trust, Chennai, said, “Every week, we get calls about a mentally retarded or ill destitute but there is limited capacity in our existing homes for women and men. Even for vocational training, the intake capacity is restricted by the space we have. That is the reason we started building Hope’s new home spread across 10,000 square feet on the outskirts of Chennai. The work, which started on 26th January 2020, was hit by the lockdown. Funding dried up. But we are slowly making progress, a few square feet at a time.” 

She further added, “This building will not just change the lives of these God’s special children but also change the way the world perceives them. With the right guidance and vocational training, they can reclaim their dignity in society.  Please help by donating one square foot of hope at www.hopechennai.com. Because their hope needs a new home.” 


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About Hope Public Charitable Trust 

Hope Public Charitable trust is a Non-Governmental organization, active since 2007. Headquartered at Chennai, India, The trust addresses the needs, living conditions of the intellectually challenged community and provides Special Education, Vocational training and Rehabilitation services for the intellectually impaired, and Special needs children and adult .


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