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Guardian Australia Rolls out Films Highlighting the Fight for Women’s and Indigenous Rights

Guardian Australia has launched two films created by Howatson+Company highlighting the progressive role that the Guardian plays in the Australian media market. The campaign is an extension of its ‘news needs a guardian’ campaign and follows the struggle for women’s and Indigenous rights in Australia, featuring the achievements of notable activists within these movements, and the hurdles they’ve overcome over the last century.

“They underscore the important role that journalism plays in documenting these events, including the Guardian’s own reporting since it launched in Australia in 2013,” says the Guardian Australia.

The work was developed in collaboration with Guardian Australia’s editorial team and academic experts, and in consultation with community members and organizations, including Parks Australia, Aboriginal Heritage Action Alliance, Mervyn Bishop, Mabo family, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park,NFSA, NIAA, PKKP and PKKP Aboriginal Corporation and the Victorian Indigenous Research Centre.

In an interview featured in the publication,  Lenore Taylor, editor of Guardian Australia said: “Guardian Australia is a proudly progressive media organisation. That in no way connotes partisanship. It means we believe Australia can be better and fairer. These ads highlight issues where Australia has made progress over its history, where Guardian Australia has focused reporting attention in the almost 10 years we have been working in Australia, but where there is much more to do.”

Chris Howatson, Founder and CEO, Howatson+Company, added: “Often we assess societal progress in the moment, based on the events of the day. In telling the longitudinal stories of women’s rights and Indigenous affairs, we can step back, appreciate what has been achieved but focus on the work still to be done.”


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