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GroupM launches INCA in India

Called 'Influence, Content Amplification', INCA will help connect brands with publishers and influencers.

GoupM, WPP’s media investment management group, has launched its influencer marketing solution, INCA, in India. INCA or ‘Influence, Content Amplification’, is an offering that will connect brands with publishers and influencers. It will help create and promote content across social media channels. 

Ratan Singh Rathore

INCA was launched in South East Asia last year and functions across EMEA, North America, and LATAM.

Ratan Singh Rathore will lead INCA in India as its business head.

“Influencer marketing is now a key element of the marketing mix, and brands today need to take advantage of potential associations and collaborations. INCA is the ideal tool to facilitate safe brand engagement across platforms. We are confident that this tool is the most effective method for Indian brands to reach their audiences with the precise impact they demand,” said Prasanth Kumar, CEO, GroupM South Asia.

INCA will essentially provide quantitative intelligence to choose and optimize influencers, forecast outcomes, and deliver efficient and effective workflow management.

Referring to the tool, Rathore said, “The tastes and behaviours of Indian customers are changing rapidly as they consume content in a multi-platform, multi-device, data-cheap environment. In this fragmented media landscape, marketers are seeking innovative, relevant, and brand-safe advertising solutions. The authenticity of influencer marketing makes it stand out as a highly effective brand solution. INCA’s AI driven content discovery technology, provides the quantitative intelligence to select and optimise influencers, predict outcomes and deliver efficient and effective workflow management,” adding, “INCA helps clients develop user-generated or branded publisher content, which engages consumers and keeps them loyal to brands.”

Dafydd Woodward, who is Global Lead, INCA, said, “Considering the rapid evolution of social media platforms and the rise of the content and influencer-driven ecosystem, particularly in Asia Pacific, we are proud to bring a powerful solution to our clients in the market. Advertisers can now have peace of mind in knowing that they are working with the most trustworthy and relevant influencers and publishers, at a scale that can deliver the outcomes they need.” 

“With our transparent, data-validated process, we will help to shape the influencer marketing ecosystem for the better,” added Woodward.


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