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Geometry Ogilvy Japan rolls out new Web3 Metaverse Platform Brand with AI-Generated Film

To launch aU (Alpha-U), a new web/3 metaverse platform brand created through a new partnership between Japan’s leading telecom, KDDI, and WPP, Geometry Ogilvy Japan has created a virtually produced film. Working with Sydney-based production house Alt.vfx, and their subsidiary T&DA, along with New Holland Creative and THINKR, the film was developed by way of four illustrations from GenZ artist Mayu Yukishita, who has illustrated best-selling books and NEUT MAG.

The entire 30 seconds have been used as building blocks, connecting the four images by using AI Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to generate interpolated animation, with VFX technology used to assemble the scenes. In addition, both the music and narration were virtual.

“The new creative expression generated by AI was inevitable for KDDI’s new brand, αU, which aims to offer services centered on Web3 and the metaverse,” said Yasushi Arikawa, Executive Creative Director of Geometry Ogilvy Japan.

“This film, in which AI and a virtual singer tell a story about the concept of “Already, one world” that blends the real and virtual worlds, takes us beyond the “uncanny valley” to an emotionally charged story.”

Geometry Ogilvy supports all creative direction for the new aU (Alpha U) collaboration, including all branding, communication design, events, and press conferences.


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