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Fortune Releases Diwali Campaign: Brings Fireworks from the Sky to the Kitchen!

Cheerful lights, dazzling firecrackers, and mouth-watering delicacies indicate the onset of one of India’s favourite festivals, Diwali. Fortune Foods is recreating this magic via an innovative campaign that associates the sounds of the kitchen with the sounds of different Diwali fireworks.

The campaign, conceptualised and launched by Social Beat, kickstarted with #SoundsOfTheKitchen, a unique UGC contest on Instagram. People from all over India participated sharing sounds from their kitchens that resembled Diwali fireworks. The campaign witnessed a massive response with people across the country getting creative with kitchen tools and food while cooking. The most innovative entries were featured in the brand film and were rewarded with gift vouchers from Fortune.

This 5-day contest witnessed enormous participation, with over 15,000+ entries pouring in, with some users sharing up to 300 sounds! Furthermore, to amplify the competition, Fortune joined hands with 15+ influencers across India to keep participants engaged through a daily leaderboard on the brand’s Instagram handle. The UGC contest paved the way for a musical brand film, which brought crackers to the plate with Sounds of the Kitchen!

“Diwali is all about celebrating together – with loved ones, firecrackers and food, but best with all. This campaign finds its inspiration there, bringing together the joy of celebration with more people and keeping the spirit of Diwali alive with sounds from everyday household activities. This has touched people which is why the contest witnessed such high participation”, said Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat.

In the commercial, a warm and well-lit home shows family members joyfully preparing food in the kitchen. As they do, each sound in making the food is associated with a firecracker. While the sound of oil tadka shows its resemblance with the iconic flower pot cracker, the chopping of carrots doesn’t shy away to mimic the sounds of the ladi crackers. For the dessert topping, crushing dry fruits in a mortar reveals its similarity with the thudding rocket fireworks and more!

Likewise, Fortune Foods invites you to light up your kitchen this Diwali with crackers from the sky to your plate to relish Swaad ke dhamake. It also subtly highlights the joy and magic of preparing and enjoying mouth-watering homemade Diwali dishes with our loved ones that nothing else can beat. After all, ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai.

“While the lights and firecrackers make the festival so vibrant, the warmth at home with your loved ones is what makes it special. So, our focus was to blend it all together uniquely matching the essence of Diwali while showcasing how Fortune is a part of homemade food across the nation.” – Sanjay Adesara, Media Head, Adani Wilmar.


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