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Ensemble Worldwide Malaysia rolls out Merdeka Campaign for PETRONAS

Titled ‘Demi Cinta’ meaning ‘in the name of love’, a well-known creative agency, Ensemble Worldwide Malaysia and PETRONAS have released a animated film, to commemorate the Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations. The film is a meaningful reminder for Malaysians to face the challenges ahead with resilience and love.

Ensemble Worldwide Malaysia sends message of hope and joy via new animated Merdeka campaign for PETRONAS

Detailing about the message behind the campaign, Ahmad Nazril Ibrahim, Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide, said, “Demi Cinta is a message of hope, resilience and love for one another through tough times. When thinking about this film, we took a step back and looked at the lives of Malaysians today. Regardless of our race, religion or status in life, we have all gone through tremendous upheaval. Despite this, we wanted to show how far we’ve come to survive this pandemic. No matter the difference in our journeys, we all have hope for the same destination – a hope for a better Malaysia. And what better way to do it, than through song.”

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Datin Anita Azrina Abdul Aziz, said, “We wanted to continue our storytelling journey through progressive means while staying true to our signature of evoking profound emotions to promote unity in Malaysia. “Demi Cinta” is a love song we dedicate to all Malaysians, a theme song of our strive and strides in overcoming challenges to progress as one big family.”

The animated film features the song ‘Demi Cinta’ composed by renown Malaysian composer Mohariz Yaakup and singer Vanessa Reynauld. It follows the stories of Malaysians from different walks of life, all of whom face their own challenges. Through it all, they are reminded of the love they have around them – love for their children, family and country – to lift their spirits and get them through their darkest times.

‘Demi Cinta’ released on TV on 29th August and on PETRONAS’ official YouTube channel and Facebook page and reached over 1 million views overnight.


  • Audio Team:
  • Composer: Mohariz Yaakup
  • Lyricist: Azman Majid/ Nawiruddin Zainal Abidin/ Fahmee Kamal
  • Music arrangement: Real Time Studios
  • Audio Mixing: Real Time Studios
  • Singer: Vanessa Reynauld
  • Artist Management: Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
  • Visual Story Telling Team
  • Film Director: Ismail Kamarul
  • Assistant Director: Asraff Mokhtar and Naveen Balakrishnan
  • Executive Producer: Sabrina Wong
  • Producer: Kaviraj Ganayson
  • Line Producer: Ngeh Sze Hui
  • Editor: Soh Chia Lok
  • Post Production: Astatica Sdn Bhd
  • Animation Director: Alvin Seah
  • Post Producer: Sandra Catherine

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