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‘Dubai- A Romance to Remember’, highlights Dubai Tourism

Fresh on the heels of their rip-roaring spy thriller across Dubai, Jessica Alba and Zac Efron have returned to pitch the city once more, only this time we’ve got front row seats to city-wide rom-com. Craig Gillespie’s second short of a six-part series provides plenty of stunning visuals of Dubai as the two heartthrobs set out across the metropolis to find each other after their bags have been mixed up. The city’s iconic locations backdrop the funny film. The one-minute video, titled Dubai Presents: A Romance to Remember, plays on the romantic comedy genre.

Efron and Alba appear as two people visiting Dubai and destined to cross paths after a mix-up forces them to end up with each other’s bags, which contain contrasting lists of things to do in the city. As they complete each other’s itineraries, they visit some of the emirate’s top attractions – including the Burj Al Arab, Downtown Dubai and culturally historic locations such as the Al Fahidi area and Dubai Creek – before finally bumping into each other.

Dubai Presents ‘RomCom’ trailer features renowned attractions – from the architectural marvels of the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhoods, quirky boutiques and Creekside cafes in Al Seef to the expanse of the desert and a traditional desert camp.

The Dubai Presents campaign comprises a series of trailers that will be released over the coming months, helmed by Alba and Efron as they explore different experiences and destinations in the city. Dubai Presents will be distributed in 27 countries and 16 languages through various media.

Detailing about it, Issam Kazim, chief executive of Dubai Tourism, said, “Dubai Presents builds on our leadership’s vision to embrace innovation and marks a new era in destination marketing as we showcase some of the most recognisable architecture and landscapes as well as hidden gems to inspire audiences across the world and offer them a travel entertainment platform like no other. For travellers, this campaign offers a sneak peek into the experiences, hospitality and infrastructure that have firmly placed Dubai among the world’s most visited destinations.”


Client: Dubai Tourism
Creative: Mother
Strategy: Mother
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie
D.O.P: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Producer: Martha Davis
Overseas Production Company: Stoked
Edit House: Exile
Editors: Shane Reid, Nick Gilberg, Will Butler and Brendan Jenkins (Ten Three)
Post House: Electric Theatre Collective
Post Producer: Jon Purton
Production coordinator:Emma Hughes
VFX supervisor: Ryan Knowles
VFX leads: Sarah Crux, Ally Burnett, Ruben Llusia, Hani AlYousif
VFX artists: Alberto Pizzocchero, Daniel Brewster, Adam Woolrich, Ludvig Hallenius, Christian Block, Doruk Saglam, Kia Coates Stirling Archibald , Thiago Vilas Boas, Heather Costa, Will Medcalf, Tane Welham, Chris Fraser, Kieran Jordan, Oscar Tornincasa, Julie Cruette, Luke Butler, Dave Birkill, Gareth Williams, Adam Darrah
Sound: 750mph
Sound Engineers: Sam Ashwell (lead), Jeff Smith, Tom Joyce, Mike Bovil and Jake Ashwell
Music Company: duotone audio group
Creative Director/Founder: Peter Nashel
Composer: Peter Nashel
Executive Music Producer: Ross Hopman
Senior Music Producer: Giovonni Lobato


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