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Dr. Agarwal rolls out a multi-film campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital has launched a multi-film campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore with an objective of creating relatable conversations around eye health. The campaign films, starring S V Shekhar and Ratna Pathak Shah, are a humorous take on how people with their golden years ahead of them opt for a timely eye treatment and go on to live their dreams.

With an aim to break away from the serious communication code of a typical problem-solution approach adopted by this category, the brand puts forth a higher order benefit targeting the senior citizens and their families through the campaign. The disruptive campaign employs humour to stand out not just in the category but amongst the media clutter as well, establishing Chennai-based Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital among the nation’s foremost eye-care experts.

Ayushman Chiranewala
Ayushman Chiranewala

Ayushman Chiranewala, CMO, Dr. Agarwal’s said, “We believe that eye surgery can be life-changing. Our attempt with the campaign is to showcase the tremendous impact that regaining clear vision with eye-surgery at Dr. Agarwals can have on the quality of life of the senior citizens. With advanced surgical techniques, eye-surgeries are no longer intimidating, but simple procedures that can provide seniors as well as everyone else with a new lease of life to enjoy their new innings. Our campaign carries a light-hearted tone to break away from the anxiety that a surgical procedure might induce and drive home the fact that eye surgeries are now safe, quick and most of all – transformative.”

Today’s seniors are no longer happy with embracing a post-retirement sedentary lifestyle; many take up hobbies, travel, start new businesses of their own, etc. Considering it their second innings, they wish to live life with renewed vigour. Eye health is considered an essential barrier while pursuing their new ambitions. Rooted in this insight, the campaign films portray that with the corrective surgeries at Dr. Agarwal’s, one doesn’t just regain a good vision but also a new lease of life to pursue their interest and hobbies.

Sonali Khanna
Sonali Khanna

Talking about the creative thought behind the campaign, Sonali Khanna, Executive Director and Branch Head, Lowe Lintas Bangalore said: “As the saying goes – ‘Getting old is mandatory; feeling old is optional!’ Today’s senior citizens are far more active, with a positive attitude to life and health. Our latest campaign for Dr. Agarwal’s is a celebration of their indomitable spirit, as it shines a light on their willingness to grow. We’re thrilled that Dr. Agarwal’s shared our enthusiasm for a happier narrative; and, we’re confident that their clients will, as well.”

The latest ad films by the brand are live on digital platforms and television


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