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Dominos Launches Burger Pizza TVC Campaign


Domino’s Pizza India, the quick service restaurant (QSR) from Jubilant FoodWorks, launched its new product ‘Burger Pizza’. The brand has come up with their latest TVC campaign conceptualized by Studio Eeksaurus & Contract Advertising. The film opens with a little boy asking a Domino’s employee for a burger. He is told that Domino’s doesn’t make burgers. The boy insists and the employee tells him it is not a good option. The boy then demands that they make it good. This is when a chef at Domino’s remembers her own experience of a good oven that makes everything good and whips out a BurgerPizza from Dominos’ very own good oven.

Speaking on the TVC, Mr Suresh Eriyat (Founder and Creative Director – Eeksaurus) says, “We are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with Contract on this campaign for Dominos once again. The market for burgers is as big as the pizza market in India, the brief given to us was to make the film as innovative and divergent as it is a first of a kind product launched in our country. Through this campaign we wanted to show what the ingredients are and that ‘it is fundamentally a pizza’ which has been showcased very well through the film. The product appears to be a hybrid made by using two pieces of pizza crust as “buns” for the sandwich, and then filling the center with cheese and pizza ingredients—just where a hamburger patty would normally go. With Dominos already being a magnificent product, live action & animation helped us to heighten its ‘yumminess’ that appeals to people across different age groups.”

Commenting further spokesperson from Team Contract Advertising said, the act of passing through the fires of the oven, itself became the spark for the communication. It led to the idea, that it’s not an oven but a good oven that exists at Domino’s.  And the ritual of passing through it can change not just the burger, but the world for the better.

The film thus sets up the problem of how burgers aren’t good by a child asking for it and then goes on to tell the tale of the mythical oven that made everything good. And a young chef at Domino’s, who remembers this legend, realizes she too has the good oven in her store. And with that she can transform the burger into something that is filled with all the goodness and freshness of a pizza.”

The music adds a special layer to the film- composed by the celebrated Clinton Cerejo with the strong voices of Vivian Pocha and Bianca. It truly transports the viewer to the past and ties up the present beautifully.

Concentrating on the design centric approach to weave distinct stories for every brand, Eeksaurus looks forward to creating many such engaging campaigns while giving brands the creative twist that they are on the constant look out for.


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