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Do not download me!

Here is a list of the most moronic and ridiculous apps on  the App Store and the Google Play Store

S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) – 

Throw your phone as high as you can. Yes, that’s about it. S.M.T.H is an app that records how high you throw your phone and registers the height and uploads the results to a leader board. What boggles my mind is that there is a global leader board for SMTH as over 5,00,00 people have downloaded the game and are currently throwing their phones in the air as a sport.


iBeer –

Drink beer from your phone without actually drinking beer from your phone. It only gets better since you can pour beer from one phone into another phone. Wow, mind is equal to blown. Over 90 million have downloaded ibeer. Mind is equal to blown again. 


Places I’ve pooped –

An app that helps you track all the places you’ve pooped in. You can also share your location on Facebook and follow your friends to see where all have they pooped. You can even attach images and rate every location you’ve pooped in. Not weird at all.


Zips Lite-

The app revolves around a zip that you get to zip and unzip. That’s it. Oh wait, you also get to customize the color of the underwear that’s revealed.


Yo –

You can chat with your friends using the app to only say one word, “Yo”. Fun fact, the app raised $1 million dollars as seed funding. Just putting it out there again, all the app can do is send “yo” to people. Incase anyone needs instructions on how to yo people on yo, visit https://www.wikihow.com/Use-the-Yo.-App.


Hold on – $0.99 –

Hold on, this is a good one. You compete to see how long you can hold the red button! The timer shows your progress down to the millisecond and stores your personal all-time best you’ve scored. It also happens to be a paid app, so basically pay $0.99 and you get to hold the button for as long as you can. 


Pimple popper –


Creative brand

No, I don’t want it. To summarize pimple popper, its a disturbing game with even disturbing visuals and graphics of pimples and blackheads.


Cooling Fan –

Picture a sunny day where you are outside on the beach sweating buckets with the cooling fan app on your phone that has absolutely no purpose other than producing the fan sound and providing exotic backgrounds for you to place your cooling fan on.


iLickit – 

iLickit lets you lick your phones with your tongue. You heard that right. The app also claims that you can master the art of licking by playing this game. It offers a variety of eatables like chocolate, ice-cream and pasta that you can choose from and lick. Please watch the disturbing demo of iLickit on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jKfSMMCBas


Beer opener –

The app’s description for the beer opener is “Experience the joy of opening a cold refreshing beer bottle without the inconvenience of actually consuming beer.” Does anyone else see the flaw in that statement?

Comment below the weirdest app you have downloaded!


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