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‘Celebrate Silent Diwali’

Tata Motors, India’s biggest automotive brand, has unveiled an ad film highlighting the importance of sustainability and help create awareness surrounding the critical issue. The company also urges viewers to celebrate a silent, safe, and pollution-free Diwali with their loved ones.

The ad film encourages viewers to protect their environment by choosing an electric mobility solution as a step towards building a sustainable future for future generations. Focussing on the ‘silence’ of an electric car, the film draws attention to message of how ‘the loudest statement will be the quietest one’. 

The film features a young girl giggling at the excitement of being able to light a fire cracker. The second scene cuts to the chakras of nature spinning with pots of flowers exploding into thin air, calling attention to the destruction that such human actions inflict on the environment. The final scene shows footage of the India’s best-selling electric car, the Nexon EV, as it drives quietly with only a ‘soft hum’ without adding to noise. The sound of the bursting crackers is replaced by the sounds of nature.

Nexon EV claims to offer a “thrilling and connected drive experience with zero emissions” at an attractive price. To popularise the access and use of Nexon EV in India, the company recently launched a novel EV subscription model, ideal for those who would like ‘usership’ to ownership in an increasingly deepening shared economy.


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