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Britannia Good Day reveals new identity with different kinds of smiles in latest TVC

Britannia Good Day, urban India’s biscuit brand, revealed its new identity today. As a trusted food brand in the country, Britannia Good Day enjoys deep inroads of consumption in both, urban and rural India. Launched in 1987, Britannia Good Day created the ‘Cookie’ category in India- and made dry fruits and nuts accessible to Indian households for the 1st time.

The brand that has always propagated happiness, today said the rich and varied smiles of India has inspired its makeover. The all-new Good Day biscuit design will sport different kinds of smiles- from the dimpled smile to the small smile, from the big smile to the double dimpled smiles. So consumers can experience Kayi Smiles, Nayi Smiles…in every pack of Britannia Good Day! 

A high-intensity launch is underway with the new packs reaching more than 4.8 million retail outlets across the length and breadth of India. The brand has rolled out a high decibel media plan to announce its new identity. The communication will be channeled through print, TV, social media and outdoor. A first-of-its-kind augmented reality experience has been specially designed to make consumers feel an integral part of the campaign. The all-new packaging also brings alive the concept of diverse smiles as each SKU will have pack designs with different smiles on the pack.

Commenting on the launch of Britannia Good Day’s new identity, Varun Berry, Managing Director, Britannia Industries Limited said, “Isn’t it interesting that in our daily interactions, the parting wish to people is always a “Good Day”, no matter how our own day is panning out. This universal insight inspires the work we do on Good Day. The core idea of Good Day has always been about spreading happiness. Today the brand has undergone its biggest makeover to date, to reflect the diverse smiles of India. Every pack of Good Day across the country will carry multiple smiles as part of the biscuit design. This is the biggest tribute we can pay to the beautiful smiles of the large and loyal consumer base of Good Day, which has ensured the continued success of the brand in both urban and rural India”.

The new pack will be launched across all four variants of Good Day – Butter, Cashew, Cashew Almond, and Pista Badam. Starting at Rs 5, the new Good Day packs are already available across markets across all the standard price points in various pack sizes.


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