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An Image that stopped the war!

Huynh Cong – known professionally as Nick Ut, is widely known for his photograph of the ‘Napalm Girl’, an iconic image of the 9-year old-girl running naked towards his camera after an aerial napalm bombing in Trang Bang, Vietnam by the South Vietnamese in 1973. The image happens to be so powerful because it showcased everything that was wrong with the war and humanity in general. She was running naked because her skin was completely burnt off from the Napalm. Nick rushed Kim to the nearest hospital and oversaw her treatment. She lived.  

This image of Kim running away from the village and the smoke was published by every news paper and news channel for over a week in America. Soon after the image went viral, America’s involvement in the war ended and eventually this image put an end to the atrocious war as people saw the war for what it was, conflict and destruction.

This image singlehandedly shows the impact and influence a single photograph can hold.

Check out this image and more of the horrors of the Vietnam War photographed by Nick at the Indian Photo Festival. To know more details, visit http://www.indianphotofest.com/#info 


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