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Social media giant, Facebook has announced the appointment of Alex Schultz as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to his new responsibility, Alex was Facebook’s Vice President of Product Growth, Analytics and Internationalisation.

Photo credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images. (Source: techcrunch.com)

Announcing his new job, Alex Schultz, who has been with Facebook since 2007, wrote a Facebook post saying, “I hope to build on this and bring my experience in segmentation, targeting, and measurement to bear as we work to reach people more meaningfully through our product.”

Paying glowing tribute to Antonio Lucio, his predecessor, Schultz added, “You have strengthened our ability to tell meaningful, culturally relevant stories with our family of brands. I hope to build on this and bring my experience in segmentation, targeting, and measurement to bear as we work to reach people more meaningfully through our product. I also hope to deepen the strategic impact that Antonio made in focusing on building trust and value across our portfolio of brands. ”

In a farewell note to Antonio, Schultz said, “Antonio for being a great friend, colleague, creative leader, and voice of experience and wisdom for this company. I am sorry to see you go and grateful for your support through this process.”

Antonio Lucio, former CMO, Facebook.

Acknowledging how this pandemic has connected people the world over, he added, “We have all seen it through this pandemic as billions of people have connected with family and friends socially online while staying physically apart and slowing the spread of the virus. At the same time I think scrutiny of any new technology is appropriate and there are ways we can, and should, improve without losing all the good.”

Schultz, who will continue to administer Product Growth, Analytics and Internationalisation, further notes that he has spent most of his time during the last four years on Facebook’s safety and integrity, including producing its community standards enforcement report.

Referring to the social media platform’s attempt at creating affirmative awareness about the LGBTQ community, he said, “I believe social media is a force for good in the world and I am proud of the work we’re doing to make it even more so. As a last note, I’m proud to be openly gay, something I couldn’t say when I joined the industry, came to America, or moved to Facebook. Facebook is the first place I have felt truly safe to be gay and be open about it.”

A postgraduate in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, Schultz has customer-facing experience in marketing. Prior to joining Facebook in 2007, Schultz worked was Marketing Manager with eBay UK.

Schultz believes there is room for further improvement on the social media platform and refers to the positive effects Facebook has brought about in the lives of people during these difficult times. A paper-plane enthusiast, Schultz has his own website called www.paperairplanes.co.uk where he notes: “The paper airplanes on this site have now generated over 5,000,000 video views. These videos show how to make a paper airplane that flies really well.”


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