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A trip to the other side!

In the psychology of the mind, the Other refers to the unconscious side. It also often refers to silence, insanity and God.

With their exhibit for the Indian Photography Festival, Berlin-based artist Boris Eldagsen and Dhaka-based artist Tanvir Taolad go across borders: inside & outside, here & beyond, conscious & unconscious, heaven & hell, right & wrong. Their collaboration brings together Western and Eastern approaches of defining the deep unknown: Us. A blood drop in space.

Working purely from their archives, Eldagsen & Taolad use their experimental skills of fusing and condensing photographs to create images that dig deeper into the human condition. This is not a remix. It is an expedition into the memory of mankind, haunted by hope. 

You do not want to miss out on this pure indulgence to both the human eyes and the brains. Check out their exhibit for the Indian Photography Festival at the State Art Gallery, Hyderabad


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